Friday, 9 July 2010

Hasbro Game Crackers New for 2010

New for 2010 - Hasbro Game Crackers - Trivial Pursuit - Cluedo Crackers - Monopoly Crackers

Trivial Pursuit Crackers: Cracker box contents: New Trivial Pursuit mini game Score pencil Game play instructions Cracker contents: Key ring [6 designs] Coloured hat

Cluedo Crackers: Cracker box contents: Games board 6 x Movers 6 x Weapon tokens 6 x Character cards 6 x Weapon cards 9 x Room cards 6 x Pencils 2 x dice Detective notebook/pad Case file envelope
Cracker contents:
Trivia/Questions 2 x Keyrings Magnifying glass Coloured hats Compact mirror Playing cards Novelty tin.

Monopoly Crackers:
Cracker box contents: Mini Monopoly “Deal” property card game Game instruction
Cracker contents: Trivia/Questions Coloured hats 3 x Money clips 3 x Keyrings

Hasbro Game crackers will be in stock from October 2010 and can be purchased online from

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