Saturday, 24 July 2010

New line for 2010 - 'Eco Friendly' Christmas Crackers Range

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers are Ecological crackers made up from recyclable materials and vegetable dyed ribbons and are becoming more popular each year as people are becoming more aware of consumption. Filled with an environmentally gift, an insightful fact and a friendly tip on how we can protect our planet.
This cracker can be used all the way through the Christmas holidays to New Year, a perfect addition to the dinner table or office Christmas party. This recycled cracker range is called ‘Eco Exclusive’ manufactured and designed by many top end companies who see the importance of helping the environment.
Whether it’s the box, the gifts, the crackers or all of it, each set in the range is helping to save the planet! In some of the crackers there are insightful facts about the planet and the effect we are having on it. On the reverse of that we have added a helpful hint on how you, your family and friends can help us to protect the Earth.

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Hasbro Game Crackers New for 2010

New for 2010 - Hasbro Game Crackers - Trivial Pursuit - Cluedo Crackers - Monopoly Crackers

Trivial Pursuit Crackers: Cracker box contents: New Trivial Pursuit mini game Score pencil Game play instructions Cracker contents: Key ring [6 designs] Coloured hat

Cluedo Crackers: Cracker box contents: Games board 6 x Movers 6 x Weapon tokens 6 x Character cards 6 x Weapon cards 9 x Room cards 6 x Pencils 2 x dice Detective notebook/pad Case file envelope
Cracker contents:
Trivia/Questions 2 x Keyrings Magnifying glass Coloured hats Compact mirror Playing cards Novelty tin.

Monopoly Crackers:
Cracker box contents: Mini Monopoly “Deal” property card game Game instruction
Cracker contents: Trivia/Questions Coloured hats 3 x Money clips 3 x Keyrings

Hasbro Game crackers will be in stock from October 2010 and can be purchased online from 2010 Brochure 2010 Brochure now available...

New Party Items and new Eco Crackers lines in stock!

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