Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Beesker Recommends Absolutely Crackers as Britain's Best Website

Beesker recommends Absolutely Crackers as Britain's best website for buying Christmas Crackers.

About Absolutely Crackers

Absolutely Crackers company operates from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, under the leadership of managing director Keith Langford. He explains that while Christmas is the busiest season, crackers are now popular ingredients in many social occasions. Wedding crackers, containing cherubs, charms, and other wedding-related items, are becoming very popular. The bulk of Absolutely Crackers sales used to be in the USA, but these have now been overtaken by UK sales.

The Absolutely Crackers website is organised into the following main sections: Order Crackers, Special Feature, History of Crackers, Message Board, Guest Book, Articles about Crackers, Related Links, Send a Cracker, and Price List. The Orders section covers: Cracking Offers, Christmas Crackers, Wedding Crackers, Cracker Kits (to make your own crackers), Collectable Crackers, Party Game Crackers, Catering Crackers, Empty Crackers (for adding your own gifts), Contents & Components (snaps, hats, jokes, fortune messages, confetti bags, balloons, bubbles and more), Themed Crackers, and Party Crackers.

The History section covers: What are Crackers?, Early History of Tom Smith, Invention of the Cracker, How the Cracker Evolved, Variety of Designs, The Royal Warrants, To the Millennium, and the World's Biggest Cracker (207 feet long, created by children and parents at Ley Hill School Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England).

It was in 1840 that Tom Smith, a forward-looking London baker and confectioner, discovered the 'bon bon' in Paris. This was a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of paper. Smith launched the 'bon bon' in London, but sales flagged after Christmas. He innovated by including a love motto within the wrapping, and sales picked up. Smith wished to innovate further, and the crackle when the threw a log on the fire inspired him to devise a small explosion triggered by the unwrapping of the bon bon wrapper. He never looked back.