Friday, 22 April 2011

Making Crackers in the 1950's Wembley, London

Clip of a company in Wembley making Christmas Crackers from 1950.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New for Tom Smith Christmas 2011

Tom Smith are releasing new sets of game crackers for Christmas 2011.

The game that ties you up in knots. Also includes a fantastic after party Freestyle Twister Game.
6 Crackers per box.

Cracker Contents:
Key Ring
Novelty Puzzles
Coloured Hat

Cracker Box Includes:
6 sets of coloured sticking dots
Large Coloured dots on card
Spinner board

Every Word Counts - With Mini Board Game.
6 Crackers per box.

Cracker Contents:
Key Chain (puzzle)
244 (approx) 4 Letter word combinations to find
Coloured Hat
Motto/Anagams & Fun Facts

Cracker Box Includes:
Mini Board
Card Stands & Letter Sheet
Instruction Sheet/Rules
Score Pad and Pencil

Giant Hasbro Game Cracker - Family Game Night
Four in 1 Games Compendium
Guess Who
Connect 4
Cup Onk

New Kuckoo Crackers For Christmas 2011

Jigsaw Boggler Game Crackers - 6 Pack
Each cracker contains an identical jigsaw with nine different letters on it. The first game has players race to see who can put the jigsaw together first, the second game is a knock-out tournament where players take it in turns to come up with different words using the nine letters on the jigsaw, and in the third game, players try and work out the nine letter Conundrum. GO, GO JIGSAW BOGGLER!

Top Secret Game Crackers - 6 Pack
All players take on the role of an undercover secret service agent working for MI-6. A rogue chemist is planning to unleash a highly contagious virus and only you can stop him! You must undergo progressive briefings by your Senior Intelligence Officer ensuring that you remember every last piece of information, as if you are unable to recall the details on your mission, your cover will be blown and the consequences to the world and yourself will be catastrophic!

Talent Show Game Crackers - 8 Pack
Roll up, roll up for the Great Variety Talent Show and see if you’ve got what it takes to become a Star! Each Cracker contains a Talent Act, a novelty relating to that Act and a draft script to help you perform the Act. You could be a Singer and Dancer; a Mind Reading Magician; a Balloon Modelling Expert; a Poet Impersonator; a Christmas Choir Conductor; a Swanee-Whistle and Kazoo Cover Band, or a Memory Master Card Sharp. These Crackers really have got Star Quality, the question is, have you?

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