Friday, 23 October 2009

Meerkats go crackers for Christmas!

The meerkats at ZSL London Zoo are set to have a cracking Christmas this year, with an early festive feast.
Keepers are giving them home-made Christmas crackers stuffed with meal worms and locusts to get them into the holiday spirit. It also provides a great form of enrichment for the mini mammals. Zookeeper Mark Habben reckons they’ll be delighted with their Christmas treats: “The meerkats love to explore new things, so we thought we’d surprise them with a gift that they can get they paws into!” Photographers are invited in to take pictures of the cute creatures as they have some festive fun. Photographers will also have the opportunity to get snaps of the ring-tailed coatis as they are presented with giant Christmas crackers filled with treats.
It’s not just the meerkats having all the fun this Christmas though, as visitors to ZSL London Zoo will be able to join in with the Christmas Carnival. With a selection of daily events including seasonal storytelling and a daily Animal Parade, there’s something to keep the whole family entertained. Visit ZSL's website to find out more.