Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Crackers coming soon for 2009

We at Absolutely Crackers have an exciting 2009 coming up with some new lines starting with:

Premier League Football Party Christmas Crackers - including Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Celtic.
Office Party Awards Crackers - Nominate all those colleagues who are worthy of an award for the year be it best tea maker to the sexiest member of staff, you decide on the categories and award them with a certificate and medal,
Casino Party Game Crackers - everything you need to play your favourite casino game.
High School Musical Crackers - Each crackers contains a HSM novelty, a must for any HSM fan.
Thornton Chocolate Dinner Crackers by Robin Reed - Indulge yourself with our dinner party crackers with a choccy treat inside.
Handbells Musical Crackers - Inside each handmade cracker you will find a different coloured metal handbell each with a different ring plus numbered badge which everyone should wear. Nominate someone to be the conductor who, following the simple numbered music sheet and using the enclosed baton, points at each person (depending on their badge number) to ring their bell - the result: beautiful music....or total chaos !
Fink Conversation Crackers A cracker to make you Think? Those tired old jokes are replaced with wonderful questions from Finks Family Edition, including... “Would you rather be a grown-up or a child?” and “What is your earliest memory?”. It’s a great way to get to know more about your family and friends at the festive table or for any occasion.
Each cracker contains a novelty and paper hat and are available in boxes of six.

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