Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Absolutely Crackers exclusively launch Kuckoo Krackers complete range

Absolutely Crackers... the only site in the UK to exclusively launch Kuckoo Krackers complete range of 10 exciting cracker sets

Kuckoo Krackers
represent an evolution of the Christmas cracker market through the inclusion of a diverse range of novel and interactive games within each different cracker set. No longer just a novelty, a corny joke and a party hat, with Kuckoo Krackers, you get an entertainment package that will amuse everybody from children to grandparents.

Kuckoo Krackers currently have a range of ten different sets that cater for any number of desired party moods. Whether it’s loud, quiet, creative, skilful, mindless, or challenging, each set has been produced to create as much fun, amusement and pleasure as possible, and across all age groups.

Kuckoo Krackers will have you playing in a musical pop band, competing in a spelling bee, creating balloon twisting mayhem, lying through your teeth, in a football tournament, under quick fire scrutiny, tying yourselves in knots (literally), and many more.

The ten sets available exclusively from Absolutely Crackers Christmas 2007:

Celebrity Game Crackers: All players become a famous celebrity, but initially don’t know who they are. Taking it in turns the race is on to see if Grandma can uncover that she’s Michael Jackson, Dad that he’s Scooby Doo, and Uncle Frank that he’s the Queen.

Bingo Game Crackers: “Two Fat Ladies – eighty-eight” the caller cried as the excitement of the bingo hall is brought to the dinner table. One player is selected as the Bingo Caller receiving bingo numbers and a jargon sheet of bingo rhyming slang, the other players receive bingo scorecards. The first one to obtain a line and call out “BINGO” wins the game.

Spelling Game Crackers: Players compete in a spelling showdown to see who is the best speller. Numerous words have been included ranging from the very easy to the devilishly difficult. If you know your “apple” from your “aardvark”, your “scissors” from your “stethoscope” and even your “Pseudonym” from you “Septuagenarian”, then get spelling with Spelling Kuckoo Krackers! Words for children and teens are also included.

Balloon Game Crackers: All players receive a number of modeling balloons and a step-by-step guide showing them how to make a number of balloon models. As well as a balloon pump to help blow up the balloons, to spice it up a little, we have added a number of competitions. There is “Scrufts” where players have to create a balloon dog and enter it into a prestigious dog show and also speed modelling!

Quick Fire Game Crackers: As the name suggests, you've got to be quick to win. All Krackers contain a number of Quick Fire Questions that detail a Person, a Place, a Song, or a Film, and instructions as to how the Question should be read out. Could you get players to guess that you are Luke Skywalker whilst only being allowed to "Hum" and to "Act"? Alternatively, could you verbally describe the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” without actually saying “Bohemian Rhapsody”? If you could Quick Fire Kuckoo Krackers are for you.

Pop Band Game Crackers: Ever wanted to be in a band? Re-create some of the hits from the past 25 years? Create some of your own? With Pop Band Kuckoo Krackers you can do all of these things, as all players become members of a band. Each player is provided with a whistle as an instrument and with the help of an easy to read Music Sheet, and under the instruction of an appointed band leader, hits such as “Angels” by Robbie Williams, “Love is all around us” by Wet Wet Wet and “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, are brought harmoniously (or not!) to the table. No talent, or previous musical experience required.

Consequence Game Crackers: All players take it in turns to detail a small section of a story, not knowing what the preceding part of the story is, or how the story will eventually end. Once completed, each section of the story is then combined and read out aloud resulting in hilarious stories of bizarre events with outrageous consequences. Consequence Kuckoo Krackers will have the whole table rolling on the floor with laughter.

Football Game Crackers: Brings football to the confines of a busy dinner table. Starting with an easy group warm-up which is followed by “The Big Match”, players have to pass a ball amongst their fellow team mates and try and score as many goals as possible. The only thing is, all players have got to pass the ball is their sucking powers and a straw! If you like football and a good team event, Football Kuckoo Krackers are for you.

Calamity Game Crackers: Will have you tied up in knots, literally! Contained within the set are a number of Calamity Connection Picture Cards, each showing a connection between one person and another, e.g. a hand touching a nose, a head touching a knee, a hip touching a hip, etc. In teams of two, players must follow the directions indicated on the cards and try and hold as many of the cards between them to accumulate the most points. The problem is could you connect your hand to someone else’s back when you’ve already got your elbow in their ear?

Liar Game Crackers: Can you tell when someone’s telling a lie? Have you ever told one yourself? With Liar Kuckoo Krackers players have to make up answers to inconceivable questions with the aim of trying to con all other players into believing that their answers are correct. The person who’s the best at conning others into believing their answers are correct and the best at working out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth will win the game.

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