Friday, 15 December 2006

A Real Cracker of a Find

THE contents of 60-year-old Christmas crackers have finally been revealed. An X-ray has been taken of the 1940s crackers which were found in a dusty corner of a recently closed newsagents in York. Since then they have been held in the conservation laboratories of the York Archaeological Trust where they were X-rayed. Items include a Scotty dog brooch, a flower pin brooch, a toy bell and a tin whistle. They also contain brass lapel badges in the shape of aeroplanes, paper hats and jokes.

X ray views of the surprise gifts hidden inside a set of 60 year old Christmas crackers

The crackers and X-ray have now been donated to the Castle Museum in York. Sarah Maultby, assistant curactor of social history said: "These crackers are an excellent find and we are very pleased that the YAT have donated them to us. "The different boxes are all in great condition and by x-raying them we have a record of what is inside without having to destroy them. They are a brilliant addition to our festive collection."

Assistant Curactor Sarah Maultby with one of the boxes found

The crackers donated to the museum are two different makes, Golden Gate Crackers in a flat oblong box, and Universe Xmas Crackers in a deeper square box.
There is no indication on either packaging of when or where they were made, though the latter had a pencilled price of 8/6d on the lid.

North News and Pictures, 15th December 2006,

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