Thursday, 10 November 2005

Win a Cracking Christmas with Bhs

Bhs has made sure that Christmas will go with a bang this year, by hiding £100,000 in their Christmas Crackers.One lucky person might find the winning ticket (sparkling and golden in the best Wonka tradition) any time between now and Christmas. The ticket can be redeemed for £10,000 cash to spend wherever and on whatever the lucky winner decides.

In addition to the £10,000 ticket, 10 Bhs crackers will contain silver tickets worth £1,000 and a massive 8,000 crackers will contain £10 vouchers to spend at Bhs. The Christmas cracker was invented over 150 years ago by a confectioners apprentice called Tom Smith. Aiming to make his bon-bons more exciting, and inspired by the crackling of a log fire, he combined a colourful paper wrapper, some sugary treats and a little saltpetre to create the forerunner of the crackers we know today. Over the years crackers have contained bigger and better gifts, but rarely as big as Bhs's £100,000 bonanza. Crackers are one of Bhs's bestsellers at Christmas, and have already started to fly off the shelves. As well as crackers, Bhs has unusual stocking-fillers, sparkling decorations and creative gift ideas for the whole family, making it one of the nations favourite Christmas shopping destinations.

Bhs boss Philip Green and Kelly Brook launch the hunt for £100,000 hidden in Bhs crackers at the Oxford Street store, London. One winning ticket - sparkling and golden in the best Wonka tradition - can be redeemed for £10,000 cash to spend wherever and on whatever the lucky winner decides

10th November 2005

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