Thursday, 30 July 1998

Solved our place setting, favour and decoration problems in one - Feedback

Thought you might like to hear how we solved our place setting, favour and decoration problems in one. The answer is Wedding Crackers! We ordered them through email and telephone from a company called Absolutely Crackers. We always have loads of crackers at Christmas (on Xmas eve, Xmas day and Boxing day), so I know my family just love them. Our colour scheme is green, white and silver so our crackers are silver with white roses, green leaves and ribbons at either end. They come in silver, white, red or gold, with white, pink or gold roses, green or white leaves and white or pink ribbons. Absolutely Crackers supplied them to us with 5 white sugared almonds in each, tied only at one end. I raided the web for quotes on love and marriage, romantic, funny and cynical and have given each guest a unique quote. We've stuck on little white labels, with people's names written in silver, and these will be the place markers for people so they know where to sit. I'm sure some people will think this is a really strange idea, but I love them, and I think they look very effective. I can't wait to see people's faces when they read the quotes we have chosen. Sarah

Sarah Parkinson, Cambridge, England. 30th July 1998

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